A lot of fun and exciting things to do!


Simply relax or have as much fun as you want!


Whether you are planning a relaxing weekend get-away or want to have as much fun as you can squeeze into a few days, we can meet your needs!

For those that just simply want to "lay back" and take it easy, the parlor is furnished with a beautiful bookcase, stocked with plenty interesting books to read. In addition there is a wide variety of board Enjot the wildlifegames, checkers, cards and poker chips, just to name a few of the indoor activities.

You can sit and relax on the front porch of the ranch house, especially during sun-up or sun-down, and enjoy the various forms of wildlife such as the white tailed deer, wild boar and wild turkey, just to name a few.

We have also put together a wide variety of outdoor activities to choose from while you are visiting our ranch. Check out some of the things to do and let us know, when you submit your contact information, what group of activities that you would like to consider while staying at JMB Ranch.

The items listed below will assist you in creating a fun filled stay with us, but you are NOT limited to these items! We will be happy to consider any suggestions you might have, in order to personalize you stay with us! Simply click on the list of your choice below to view some of the activities.




   Fun Things To Do:

  • Fishing: There are several great fishing spots along our 3 mile stretch of the Colorado River. There are plenty of bass, and the catfish get big here. In March of 2011 one of our guest caught a 31 lb monster (see picture at left) at one of our fishing holes on the ranch! Bring your pole and try your luck!
  • Canoeing*: River adventure canoe trips with drop off and pick up can be arranged. Or, let us set your whole family up with a picnic lunch down by the river, where the kids can paddle the canoe in a shallow protected area.

* For safety purposes, no canoe activities will take place when the river is high and moving fast, which happens after storms or heavy rains upriver.  



Relaxing Things To Do:

  • Gourmet picnic setups
  • Candlelit gourmet dinner for two
  • Hay ride tour of the ranch
  • Ladies tea parties
  • Birthday parties for all ages
  • Pony rides for the children (w/lead line)
  • Dinner and music around the campfire
Picnic tables located on the property



Trail Rides

Horseback Riding

Active Things To Do:

  • Guided trail rides
  • Horseback riding lessons (children or adults)
  • Roping lessons (on a steer head dummy)


Activities Requiring Special Skills:

  • Extreme trail course challenge
  • Clinic for advanced horseback riding skills
  • Beginners cutting lessons (groups of 4 or more)
  • Advanced trail rides
  • Advanced cowboy/cowgirl activities
  • Day hunting (deer, turkey, dove, wild hog)
Cutting clinic

Cattle roundup



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